Moveable feasts

Anil Jaiswal, 35, makes egg rolls for a living, which he sells for Rs 100 a piece in Thamel, on a cart no larger than an ice cream trolley. On this cart is an old, greasy stove, a chopping board, a few egg cartons, some dough in a container, and a large plastic bag with vegetables—tomatoes, cabbage, green chillies, onions, carrots. This small cart is Jaiswal’s only means of income, with which he feeds his family of four. Moveable feasts
Marissa Taylor
Published at : October 6, 2018
Updated at : October 7, 2018 09:24

Marissa Taylor

Marissa Taylor is a desk editor at The Kathmandu Post. In addition to her copy-editing duties, Taylor also pursues long-form reporting. Before joining the Post, she worked as a journalist at The Himalayan Times and M&S VMAG.