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What it takes to have a wedding in style

In Nepal, it always feels like wedding season. Barring a few short months, weddings take place all year around, as astrologers chart out a litany of auspicious dates. And Kathmandu’s booming middle class tends to leave no stone unturned when it comes to weddings, selling homes and property, digging into savings and even going into debt to give their children a ceremony like no other. What it takes to have a wedding in style
Alisha Sijapati
Published at : March 6, 2019
Updated at : June 26, 2019 17:43

Alisha Sijapati

Alisha Sijapati is an arts and culture reporter at The Kathmandu Post, primarily covering human interest stories. She is intrigued by history, culture and films. Before joining the Post in 2015, she worked as a journalist for The Himalayan Times and ECS Media.