High hopes

The KP Oli administration is eager to diversify air routes, especially to Asia and Europe. This can happen, provided CAAN will be divided into two entities.

Portable idea

Some of the large retail pharmacy stores in South Africa do have a system where shoppers can buy packets of pads and then donate them to a drive that provides them to girls in poverty-stricken areas.

Too diplomatic

Now that Nepal has bettered bilateral relations with China in recent years, India too has become more responsive in its dealing with us.

Zombie industries must die

No wonder these zombie industries must die. But I seriously doubt that the present government has the guts to act.

Why immigrate illegally?

People cannot despair over traffickers cheating them, because they themselves were attempting to cheat the asylum system in another country.

Protect culture

Time has now finally come for the Nepali government to conserve guthis, instead of capturing them to just replace them once and for all

Much appreciated

Being a Nepali Sikh and getting in touch with something related to our religion and history is always fascinating and moving

Inaccuracies found

The author lumps the Church of Scientology in with offshoots of Christianity. The Scientology religion is not an offshoot of any other faith. It is its own faith tradition and is, in fact, the only major world religion to emerge from the 20th century.

Hidden voices

This comes regarding your article (‘Two more teachers at Lalitpur madhyamik vidhyalaya accused of sexual abuse by former student’, Page 1, February 5, 2019) First and foremost, I would like to thank the Post for covering stories with such importance

Governmental inaction

The graphic description of molestation of the little girls for decades by a math teacher in a public school in the heart of the federal capital made for a cringy reading (‘Two more teachers at Lalitpur madhyamik vidhyalaya accused of sexual abuse by former student’, Page 1, February 5, 2019).

Gap in export

Conserving precious foreign exchange by cutting nonessential imports such as liquor, vehicles, luxury items and further curtailing exchange facilities for foreign holidays is the only best way to maintain reserves and balance of payment (‘Foreign currency expenses to be tightened to check balance of payments deficit’, TKP Money page 1, January 28)  However, just conserving the limited foreign exchange reserve will not help

Search for truth

This in in reference to the op-ed by Sarita Pariyar (‘From tika to ashes’, Page 6, January 25), on the brutal gang rape of the 20-year-old Maya Bishwakarma Simply because she refused to have physical relations with one of her assailants—who was a married man from an upper class family—she had to suffer a terrible fate

Civic Sense

The editorial of the Kathmandu Post (‘We are the change’, Page 6, January 18) drew my attention.

Written off  

Thomas Robertson’s op-ed (‘The right stuff’, Page 6, Jan 27) is seriously misleading about what it takes for international students to get accepted into US universities. Of course, US universities require good writing but Nepali students in the US also usually need to come from families with money, 

Believe survivors 

Front page news of Saturday’s edition of the Kathmandu Post (‘Maths teacher at Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidyalaya sexually abused young girls for’, TKP Online, Jan 25 2019) brought back scarring events experienced by my fellow colleague/friend.

Fearing class 

I also graduated from Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidhyalaya (LMV) Batch 2007. With regards to your article about our school, ( ‘Maths teacher at Lalitpur Madhyamik Vidyalaya sexually abused young girls for’, TKP Online, Jan 25 2019) about Mr Boudh or Basu Tripathee, our math teacher.

Men, step up and do your part

The morning Bhrikuti Rai’s piece (‘Tribhuvan University lecturer sexually harassed female students for years’, Jan 24 2019) appeared in The Kathmandu Post, my father who teaches social work and sociology to first year Bachelor’s students at a TU-affiliated college said he felt dismayed and hopeless.

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