The ‘Xi’ effect

China will probably take over the world in the next 20 years, and India will be an economic giant. But what about us?

The constitution context

It is our constitutional right not to even celebrate Constitution Day and that doesn’t make us traitors.

P for protocol

When it comes to our folks serving in the Indian Army, our government should ask the Indians if they are going to war with Pakistan anytime soon.

Visit elsewhere except Nepal

There is nothing wrong with our politicians taking a vacation but why go abroad and spend your own money when you can travel across the country and spend it here.

RAW meat

Why do we even have an intelligence agency of our own when we do not even gather any intelligence on anyone who might be a threat to our nation’s interest?

Monsoon maladies

Every monsoon, our capital turns into mini-Venice. Our potholes are large enough to swallow our motorcycles and mancheys. But our Mayors don’t care at all.

In tyrant we trust!

In this great republic, I think our netas have forgotten that they are here to serve the public. 

Heads and tales: Oli’s Euro trip

Maybe our politicians should learn a thing or two from the netas around the world: they resign when they feel that they have failed the country

Heads and Tales: Oli is back!

Our President got done visiting China a few weeks ago and now Oli is back in town after wasting our taxpayers money. Our netas think that they need to travel to foreign lands to show that they are thulo mancheys. Why can’t our President do a nation-wide tour and visit all of our districts.

Shift the Capital!

I think we can solve some of our VVIP-induced traffic jams if we shift the capital elsewhere. Chitwan would be the best place to shift our Very Very Irritating People who have no shame wasting our taxpayers money on luxury vehicles, chiya kharcha and medical treatment abroad.

Fools Don’t Invest (FDI)

Our great Commie government on Earth is organising the Investment Summit next week to attract cunning foreigners to invest in this country Yes, fools don’t invest in this land

Break up song

It’s sad to hear that Bibeksheel Sajha (BS) Party folks have decided to split up. Our political parties are good at breaking up and then making up and breaking up again to fulfill the interest of a bunch of so-called leaders and I guess Bibeksheel Sajha has met the same fate. So that means we can actually call the BS wallahs a true political party from now onwards.

In the name of politics

It seems that one can get away with murder, win election, go into hiding and meet the country’s Prime Monster in a foreign land and then come back, surrender, stay in jail and then take the oath of office as one of our lawmakers and then go back to jail and wait for the government to hopefully withdraw the case soon. How on earth can a person who is in jail take the oath of office as a member of the House?

Time for A Revolt

Our major political parties are run by old fogies who grew up in the ‘typewriter’ age. So let us not blame our netas for trying to ban our voice online because it’s new to them. They don’t use computers at all. They only use their smartphones to make shady deals or to play Candy Crush because most of their other work is carried out by their personal aides.

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