Nepali winemakers, buoyed by demand, are experimenting and innovating in local vineyards

Though most Nepali wines are sweet and fruity, producers are moving towards bold and robust flavours, hoping for a boom.
 Photo: Shutterstock
Thomas Heaton & Krishana Prasain
Published at : July 13, 2019
Updated at : July 13, 2019 15:52

Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton is a food and travel reporter for The Kathmandu Post. Before working in Nepal, he spent five years in New Zealand, most recently as a food writer for Cuisine magazine. Heaton is content trawling through markets, sampling sundry skewers of offal and getting into uncomfortable situations while travelling.

Krishana Prasain

Krishana Prasain is a business reporter for The Kathmandu Post covering markets. Before joining The Kathmandu Post in 2018, she spent 3 years in New Business Age magazine covering business.