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Between droughts and deluges

Nepal has of late witnessed deluges, unseasonal flash floods and landslides, long droughts and avalanches. Between droughts and deluges
A massive flooding of the Melamchi river in June last year washed away many riverside settlements including the Melamchi town (pictured above) and claimed several lives. The flooding caused huge damage to local infrastructure including roads, bridges and the Melamchi Water Supply Project. Post File Photo
Arpan Shrestha
Published at : November 1, 2022
Updated at : November 1, 2022 07:59

Arpan Shrestha

Arpan Shrestha is a former producer for The Kathmandu Post. Before joining the Post in 2018, he was a freelance news and documentary producer and a former editor of Republica's The Week. Shrestha has a background in media production and programming.