Letter to the Editor: Recalibrate how?

The capability of Nepal's foreign policy is being put to a severe test, making us nostalgic of the days when King Mahendra, with little access to China then, had managed to keep the Indian interventionists at bay.

Step in the right direction

Nepal's natural beauty, culture and history should be opened up to the world in a coordinated manner, including learning from global practices in the field.

Plain racism

Do the people in the entertainment industry really think that Madhesis can't act in front of the screen?

Solutions required

There should be more investigative reporting, exposing corrupt practises done by politicians.

End cruelty

Elephants don't give rides willingly--these highly intelligent, socially complex animals are first subjected to violent training programmes

High hopes

The KP Oli administration is eager to diversify air routes, especially to Asia and Europe. This can happen, provided CAAN will be divided into two entities.

Portable idea

Some of the large retail pharmacy stores in South Africa do have a system where shoppers can buy packets of pads and then donate them to a drive that provides them to girls in poverty-stricken areas.

Too diplomatic

Now that Nepal has bettered bilateral relations with China in recent years, India too has become more responsive in its dealing with us.

Zombie industries must die

No wonder these zombie industries must die. But I seriously doubt that the present government has the guts to act.

Why immigrate illegally?

People cannot despair over traffickers cheating them, because they themselves were attempting to cheat the asylum system in another country.

Protect culture

Time has now finally come for the Nepali government to conserve guthis, instead of capturing them to just replace them once and for all

Much appreciated

Being a Nepali Sikh and getting in touch with something related to our religion and history is always fascinating and moving

Inaccuracies found

The author lumps the Church of Scientology in with offshoots of Christianity. The Scientology religion is not an offshoot of any other faith. It is its own faith tradition and is, in fact, the only major world religion to emerge from the 20th century.

Hidden voices

This comes regarding your article (‘Two more teachers at Lalitpur madhyamik vidhyalaya accused of sexual abuse by former student’, Page 1, February 5, 2019) First and foremost, I would like to thank the Post for covering stories with such importance

Governmental inaction

The graphic description of molestation of the little girls for decades by a math teacher in a public school in the heart of the federal capital made for a cringy reading (‘Two more teachers at Lalitpur madhyamik vidhyalaya accused of sexual abuse by former student’, Page 1, February 5, 2019).

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