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If someone tells you gender inequality does not exist in this day and age, where scientists think there might be a possibility of colonising Mars, tell them to Google the news story of Thegani Devi Mahato—a 40-year-old widow and a mother of two children, a boy of 12 years and a girl of nine—who was dragged by men from her home, beaten, then burned alive for being accused of witchcraft by the locals of Madi, Chitwan.

When Words Fail

Using art as a catalyst for healing in a society that continues to stigmatise mental health issues

Time travel through portraits

At the Patan Museum, with images from a bygone era, Nepal Picture Library is creating a portal to a time when a photographic revolution was taking seed

Art in a supermarket

ArtLab’s Prasad inspires youth to cap brain drain via a celebration of national heroes and conveniently accessible art forms

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