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More than words

In Nepal you can find stories of unfilled potential, stories of people who, despite being equipped with skills and abilities, are not able to break through. Instead of having a shot to build a thriving life, they all end up in a vicious cycle of frustration, marginalisation and hyper vulnerability.

Working together

Volunteerism in Nepal is at a critical juncture. Occasionally praised but more often neglected and forgotten, Nepal is losing a great opportunity to harness the power of service.

Making room

Accessibility is a defining issue in urbanisation all over the world. With more and more people moving to towns and with new urban centres being planned and created to meet the needs of the newcomers, urbanisation is an opportunity, and at the same time, a matter of concern for many.

Let’s take it seriously

The World Volunteering Conference held in Mexico City on November 9 and 10 offered a new opportunity to revamp a global conversation about the role of volunteerism in creating fairer, more cohesive and, most importantly, inclusive communities around the world.

Not working

Many financial cooperatives in Nepal are not open for business for vulnerable and disadvantaged youths

Blades of gold

Recognising persons with disabilities in the sport sector would be a positive step towards their inclusion in society

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