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Trickle-down democracy

The deeper nuances of electoral numbers in the recent elections bear further analysis, particularly in regards to the number of voters, turnout, invalid votes, and votes garnered by political parties.

The missing millions

With the historical elections over, Nepal now has a complete set of newly elected representatives from the local to the federal levels.

Go with a bag

Recognising go-bags as survival tools is just one component of disaster risk reduction measures

Writing it wrong

Representation and inclusion, agendas of Janaandolan II, have been seriously undermined by the NC-UML coalition

A numbers game

The sex ratio in the 2011 census is significantly biased as it does not include Nepalis working abroad

From Katari to Qatar

Beset by political troubles, the Nepali state, both directly and indirectly, has forced its citizens to migrate

Across the border

India is a relatively safer destination for Nepalis in comparison to countries in the Gulf and Malaysia

Situational bigotry

In the harsh conditions of the Gulf and Malaysia, discriminatory mindsets are sidelined by occupational hazards

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