Pratik Mainali

Mainali is a writer from Kathmandu.

Latest from Pratik Mainali

Back once more

Arjun, a skilled clockmaker in modern-day Mumbai, experiences a surreal time-travelling experience that takes him to 1947, where he meets Priya, the love of his life.

Mirror to the soul

Unlike Ranveer, Stuti was not engulfed by the shadows hidden in the mirror. She held her ground and broke free from the mirror’s hold.

The rodent uprising

In the dead of night, the rats could be seen darting around the streets, their bright eyes cutting through the shadows.

The house call

Police constable Shankar Chettri thought he had seen it all until he received a late-night distress call.

The phone call

When Shankar Chettri answered the phone from Sheela, little did he know that things would take a strange turn.

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