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What do investors in Nepal look for?

Ask any entrepreneur in Nepal what their major concern is, and the answer will most likely be money. Although, it sounds too straightforward, everyone starting their business are in it for the money.

Do I need a co-founder?

One of the first and the most crucial decision you will need to make while starting a business is to whether go at it alone or have a partner in crime. While it’s true that most businesses have a co-founder, it’s still up to you to decide if you want to go solo or if you want to get help.

Why do startups in Nepal fail?

While you wouldn’t know it from their enthusiasm, ambition, drive, and all-around excitement, every business founder deals with a hard truth—they will most likely fail.

Before the leap

You never know when that brilliant idea may hit you. It might happen to you while you have barely woken up from bed or while out grocery shopping.

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