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Bad example

Environment is identified as one of the top four global risks today and, sadly, Nepal showcases that

On thin ice

A latest study shows expanding icy ponds on debris-covered Himalayan glaciers could be key for future water issues

Float or sink

Home Minister says there are no boats to rescue flood victims; what did we do with all of that climate money then?`

Deadly deluge

Harvesting flood waters and recharging Kathmandu’s depleting aquifers will turn a crisis into an opportunity

Fuelling the flame?

Just before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on his US visit this week, his foreign ministry brought out on social media some infographics on the “global strategic partnership” between the two countries. Topping the list was defence, followed by energy and climate change.

It’s a wild world out here

An image recently put out on social media by a cable car company showed a leopard and its cubs lapping up water on the Chandragiri hill. For some neighbourhoods in Kathmandu, especially those near the hills fencing the Valley, it was no big surprise, as they are occasionally visited by predators these days.

Murky waters

Water geopolitics in South Asia is no more just an undercurrent; it could already be shaping regional order

A snowball effect

With climate and environment policies of the new US administration becoming clear, how other major emitters respond will be crucial

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