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Normal for whom?

Not having any idea about what it is doing might be perfectly normal for the government, but for those who lost everything to the earthquake, it is a nightmare

Idols we would like

That an award has to be created to show that not every bureaucrat is corrupt only indicates how tainted our system is

Throw a blanket over

It seems the government is concerned less about helping households survive and more about covering up its own inefficacy

A past for a present

In the morning of August 24, before the news of deaths in Kailali trickled into our news feed, I continued my fight with a neighbour that had begun the night before. The man’s dog and my dog had gotten into their own fight, and as he had tried to shoo my dog away, she had bitten him on his leg.

The tyranny of questions

I know I should be ok with the meaninglessness of it all, but I’m not. I wish I could be ok with knowing that I’m not

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