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Clamouring through the same pain

Everyday she wakes up she motivates herself to do better, to fly high. She searches for happiness, satisfaction, but finally ends up stuck with ridiculous emotions which never let her go.

The demented mind

The sound of water running from a tap woke me up from my sleep. I feel a dull headache; I look outside, and it is still dark. I check the time—it’s 2:30 am. My hostel room is a mess; things are scattered everywhere. I get up and make a half-hearted attempt to clean up my room, and midway, I decide to do it later. I go outside my room to the verandah to get some fresh air. It is cold. The air is heavy with silence. Everything is enveloped in  thick fog.

Childhood sweetheart

I don’t know from where to start this story. This happened around six years back. I was a very shy eighth-grader back then. I was naïve and a nerd who knew little about the world.

Flame of hope

Biogas can help contribute to climate change mitigation, adaptation and support households

Women woes

Even as the importance of women in agriculture in Nepal has increased, they continue to be undervalued

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