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The spectre of the social media

The thing about the Internet and the social media is that it can make us feel how we want to feel. You could become a cyberchondriac, wallowing in self-pity, seeking sympathy in the virtual world. Or you could tout yourself as a self-proclaimed expert, blinded by narcissism, who just can’t see logic in other people’s arguments. For extremists, it becomes a treasure trove for selectively culling points that back their claim, which can then be used to hurl insults at those who beg to differ.And it is the best weapon to fuel jingoism and dismiss claims counter to yours as traitorous ones.

Model schools in Gorkha

Classes might have begun in Gorkha, but most of the schools here do not have classrooms yet. Against this backdrop, two classrooms are being set up as model schools by a group of civil engin

Tracking aid money

The debate on overhead costs and corruption is being talked about not only among experts but also the citizenry.

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