Arjun Rajbansi

Arjun Rajbansi is the Jhapa correspondent for Kantipur Media Group.

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Losses to tea industry from workers’ strike top Rs 1 billion

There is no end in sight to the protest launched by tea workers in the eastern region which officials say is likely to cause tea production to fall by at least a fifth year-on-year. The agitation entered its sixth week on Monday, and production losses and lost wages are likely to mount, resulting in a dent in the country’s industrial output.

Govt farming project reaps great results

In Jhapa, more and more farmers are being drawn towards the business of commercial potato farming, as the government has been rolling out subsidies and increasing the rate of mechanisation to significantly cut down the cost of production for farmers.

Damak industrial area gets govt greenlight

Land compensation process for construction of Damak Industrial Area (DIA) has kicked off with the publication of a public notice requesting landholders to apply for compensation for land that they will have to relinquish.

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