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Discarding age-old taboos, more Nepalis are eating pork

Once explicitly forbidden for these ‘upper castes’, pork has started to become a new favourite, reflecting changing attitudes and more cosmopolitan approach to the variety of cuisines available in the Kathmandu Valley, brought in by migrants from across the country.   
Pigs are raised primarily by Limbus, Rais and Tharus, for whom the animal is an instrinsic part of culture. But more Bahuns and Chhetris are eating pork today.  Post Photo: Kabin Aadhikari
Thomas Heaton
Published at : April 27, 2019
Updated at : June 28, 2019 16:59

Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton was a food and travel reporter for The Kathmandu Post. Before working in Nepal, he spent five years in New Zealand, most recently as a food writer for Cuisine magazine.