As open spaces shrink, Kathmandu’s youths flock to futsal courts to play the beautiful game

But futsal’s popularity in recent years cannot be ascribed to the lack of open spaces alone. There are multiple other factors. In the game, players touch the ball frequently, which some players say make it more exciting; games do not get disturbed by rain or wind; and the futsal hubs provide facilities such as showers and eateries. It has also paralleled the popularity of compact, shorter versions of sports in other parts of the world.
For many youths, futsal has become an easy and viable form of entertainment, especially due to a lack of open spaces in the cities. Post Photo: Keshav Thapa
Timothy Aryal
Published at : May 17, 2019
Updated at : June 28, 2019 15:59

Timothy Aryal

Timothy is a copy editor for The Kathmandu Post. Previously, he was a reporter on the Features desk and deputy editor on the National News desk. He joined the Post in 2015.