Aid dispersal begins in quake-hit areas

But victims in several far-flung villages away from roads are yet to receive any assistance. Aid dispersal begins in quake-hit areas
Survivors in Chhepare village in West Rukum are seen eating outdoors on Monday morning after their homes were toppled by Friday’s magnitude 6.4 earthquake. The village of 50 households, which lies in ward 14 of Athbiskot Municipality, lost nine people to the quake. The victims are in desperate need of help and have been spending their nights under makeshift tarps. Angad Dhakal/TKP
Harihar Singh Rathore & Ghanashyam Gautam
Published at : November 7, 2023
Updated at : November 7, 2023 07:57

Harihar Singh Rathore

Harihar Singh Rathore is the Dhading correspondent for Kantipur Publications.

Ghanashyam Gautam

Ghanashyam Gautam is the Butwal correspondent for Kantipur Media Group.