The road to Romania is bumpy and once there, workers are exploited too

Asians fill labour gap as Romanians head westward. Nepalis dreaming of working in Europe are ready to pay commissions although Romanian companies pay agents as well as airfare.
A Nepali cook works in the kitchen of a restaurant in Bucharest, Romania. According to government records, 4,324 Nepali workers landed in the country in 2019. Photo: Andreea Campeanu
Abhaya Raj Joshi, Chandan Kumar Mandal & Marine Leduc
Published at : November 29, 2020
Updated at : November 29, 2020 08:21

Chandan Kumar Mandal

Chandan Kumar Mandal was the environment and migration reporter for The Kathmandu Post, covering labour migration and governance, as well as climate change, natural disasters, and wildlife.

Marine Leduc

Marine Leduc is a freelance journalist based in France and Romania.