How do transwomen describe themselves? Women.

The multi-coloured skirt is hard to miss as Rukshana Kapali makes her way through the afternoon crowd at Patan Durbar Square. It is not just a mere fashion choice but a statement to her identity. While some are oblivious to her presence, others need to take a second glance, but for Kapali, this has been a norm since she came out as a transwoman around five years ago. How do transwomen describe themselves? Women.
Asmita Manandhar
Published at : March 8, 2019
Updated at : March 9, 2019 16:34

Asmita Manandhar

Asmita Manandhar is the Culture & Arts editor at The Kathmandu Post. She has worked as a journalist covering women, indigenous issues, and culture since 2011.