More women report domestic violence

Thirty-seven-year-old J was asleep when her husband returned home drunk and poured kerosene on her private parts and set her alight, inflicting third-degree severe burns on her body. Her sister-in-law came to her aid and helped douse the fire, after which she was treated at home with herbal medicines.Days later, J was taken to Seti Zonal Hospital after her wounds developed an infection. While she was receiving treatment, her husband tried to kill her-again. The medical staff intervened at the right moment, after which the husband was arrested and sent to prison. More women report domestic violence
Arpan Shrestha
Published at : September 29, 2018
Updated at : September 30, 2018 18:40

Arpan Shrestha

Arpan Shrestha is a former producer for The Kathmandu Post. Before joining the Post in 2018, he was a freelance news and documentary producer and a former editor of Republica's The Week. Shrestha has a background in media production and programming.