Nepal Sambat on Nepali coins

Silver 'mohars' bearing the home-grown era once circulated on either side of the Himalaya.Nepal Sambat on Nepali coins
Silver mohar of Riddhi Narsingh Malla with the year 835 Nepal Sambat (1715 AD). Post Photo/ Kamal Ratna Tuladhar
Kamal Ratna Tuladhar
Published at : October 31, 2021
Updated at : October 31, 2021 21:50

Kamal Ratna Tuladhar

Kamal Ratna Tuladhar is a desk editor for The Kathmandu Post. He copy-edits news and opinion articles for the Business and Op-Ed pages. Tuladhar previously worked for the Himalayan Travel Trade Journal, Shangri-la, Nepal Traveler and The Rising Nepal.