Tsewang Nuru Sherpa

Sherpa is pursuing a master’s in environmental management in New Zealand.

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Leaving no one behind

Since the 1980s, the consumption of water has been increasing rampantly, fuelled by a rapidly growing population and changes in socio-economic amelioration As per a United Nations report, global water demand is expected to rise until 2050 by 20-30 percent

That’s a wrap 

Incessant and high use of plastic, resulting in millions of tonnes of the synthetic material swirling around the world’s oceans, has garnered a significant amount of media attention. Plastic pollution poses a huge threat.

Saving the ghost

A big cat with chatoyant grey-green eyes, thick spotted fur and a long curling tail is a vulnerable species that inhabits the majestic mountain ecosystems of the Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Pamirs, the Tibetan Plateau, and the Mongolian steppes.

Climate crisis

Nepal is an agrarian mountainous country situated in the central Himalayas, with an altitude ranging from 60m to 8848m. Within this climatic range, the mountain ecosystem of Nepal nurtures around 118 ecosystems, 75 types of vegetation and 35 types of forest.

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