Sujeev Shakya

Shakya is the founder CEO of beed, an international management consulting and advisory firm.

Latest from Sujeev Shakya

Reimagining diplomacy

In the past decade and a half, after non-resident Nepali politics started to rage along party lines, they now have an additional role of promoting candidates for elections to the multiple Nepali associations that exist abroad.

Making bureaucracy deliver

It would be safe to say that collectively, most of us following this investment summit, wish to see in the next decade a laterally inducted bureaucrat heading the largest private company with foreign investment based solely on merit.

Be the change

Conservative families try to fend off the possibility of their daughters getting married to foreigners by getting them married at an early age and spreading the gospel that they have to bear children before they hit 27 years of age.

Now or never

Nepal has one last chance to convince foreign investors it seriously means business

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