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Gyewali points finger of blame at govt agencies

Claiming that he has fulfilled his duty within the given jurisdiction, National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Chief Executive Officer Sushil Gyewali has said non-cooperation from the government agencies for delayed reconstruction works.

What’s in a seed?

Community seed banks are an effective platform to maintain traditional crop varieties and improved seed management

Paradise lost

On the morning of September 27, 2016, Jyotendra Jyu Thakuri, senior programme officer at Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN), and his team of birders

Boudhanath rebuilding nears completion

Boudhanath Stupa has been coming back to life with an increasing number of people taking rounds of the stupa, some carrying prayer wheels and chanting mantras while craftsmen are busy giving final touches

Govt plans animal rescue centres

Amid escalating human-wildlife conflicts, the government has finally come up with a plan to set up proper wildlife rescue centres inside protected areas, forest areas and community forests, wherever necessary to ensure the proper management of the rescued, injured or orphan wildlife, mostly resulting from such conflicts in different places

Seeds of change

Community Seed Banks are not only helping farmers in times of dire need, they are also preserving local seed varieties endangered by the influx of hybrid seeds

‘Air pollution major killer in Nepal’

Ambient (outdoor) air pollution causes over 9,000 deaths every year, with coronary artery disease and stroke each killing more than 3,000 people in Nepal in 2012, according to findings made public by the World Health Organization on Tuesday.

Lack of relocation plan puts victims on a slippery slope

A majority of the earthquake-displaced families are likely to rebuild their homes in unsafe locations as the government has not come up with a relocation plan for the areas that experts have identified as uninhabitable in the wake of last year’s 7.8-magnitude tremor.

Police bureau spreading net to nab smugglers

The Wildlife Crime Unit under the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police is set to launch four different operations targeting to arrest wildlife poaching kingpins and others engaged in illegal trade of animal body parts.

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