Niranjan Mani Dixit

Dixit writes on integrated development issues.

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Unfinished business

Following Nepal’s transformation into a federal republic, positive results can be expected not only on the domestic front, but also in foreign relations, especially with India and China.

No time for politics

The sweeping election victory of the left alliance consisting of the CPN-UML and the CPN (Maoist Centre) has ended a decade-long transition period marked by musical chairs-like government changes,

That’s not enough

Visiting rural communities in different parts of Nepal, I saw deplorable living indicators: poor housing, food insecurity, malnutrition, watery meal intake, poor health, unemployment and lack of socio-economic and legal awareness.

Accountability crisis

Accountability is fundamental to a federal democratic government, and it cannot be compromised as ministries and the bureaucracy are answerable for their actions.

Divine motherland

Some 60 million years ago, the Himalayan orogeny took place bestowing Nepal with the highest mountain range in the world. Nepal has also been gifted with a stirring history, culture, religion, majestic beauty, and diverse castes and ethnicities.

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