Gyan Chandra Acharya

Acharya is a former UN Under-Secretary-General.

Latest from Gyan Chandra Acharya

Better preparation needed

A country’s foreign policy will be implemented successfully only when we have the right strategy, effective instruments and agile institutions. Therefore, we have to be as attentive and focused on the development of such instruments and mechanisms as we are on the articulation of general principles and policies.

The prosperity agenda

As we focus on inclusive prosperity as our national aspiration, we have to take into account two dimensions of our development efforts. National policy and commitments will undoubtedly play the primary role, but international partnership also has to play a strong complementary role.

The road ahead

With the implementation of the current Constitution of Nepal, it is time that we devised a proper strategy and resolute pathway to steer our collective efforts towards achieving its overall objectives.

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