Agony Aunt

On the line

We don’t make relationships to get things done, we do so to share our lives with someone.

Puppy Love

Adulting in the mid 20s--stuck between two worlds.

Social dive

If you’ve decided to go out and have a life outside of your work—and come out of your shell—you will have to put in the extra effort.

Cafe Conundrum

When you're forced to confront a lost love in an unexpected place.

Tangled in trust

A young woman's struggles to adapt to her workplace after being lied by one of her colleagues.

A part of life

If you decide to take something up, make sure you really want to pursue it because you're only young once and what you chose is an investment.

Lonely lad

Changes keep occurring in our lives although we resist letting go the past, we should let it happen for our own good. This doesn’t mean you should completely cut yourself from your friends. Instead, you should try to understand that it’s like any new phase in your life.

On the heavier side

I love food, and drinking beer is something I enjoy doing almost every night to calm myself. It has been a kind of habit for me to drink beer at least thrice a week, and when it comes to food, I have a heavy diet.

Ghost lover

I am in my late 20s and my mother wants me to settle down. She always comes to me with all the marriage proposals from our relatives. I have told her about him but now, I am not sure of him anymore. I don’t know what I should do. Please help.

Bad boss

I am really divided. I want to quit but I also feel that I need to fulfil my commitment of at least one year. What do you suggest Aunt?

Dare to dream

If you make your mother understand about your dreams and ensure her that you will abandon her once you leave for studies, she may stop forcing you to seek foreign employment right away.

Let go—let go not

What I can let you know is, acknowledging your past actions will help you heal and move forward in life. You broke up for his sake, and it’s time that you need to let him go for your sake.

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