Is Nepal’s #MeToo movement finally taking off?

In Nepal, #MeToo stories have led to more counter-accusations than introspection.
Sunil Pokharel (second from left), was accused of accused of sexual harassment by several female theatre actors. But Pokharel, the founder of the now-defunct Gurukul Theatre, has denied all allegations. Post File Photo
Bhrikuti Rai
Published at : May 11, 2019
Updated at : October 1, 2019 11:58

Bhrikuti Rai

Bhrikuti Rai was an investigative reporter for The Kathmandu Post, covering technology, environment and human rights. Before joining The Kathmandu Post in 2019, she was a reporter at Nepali Times and South Asia Check. She loves all things audio, and is co-creator of the Boju Bajai podcast.