Kathamndu post RSShttps://kathmandupost.com/The Kathmandu Post : Find the latest breaking news from Nepal, opinion and analysis on Nepali politics, business, culture and arts, sports, movies, food and travel, books, education, auto and more at kathmandupost.comThousands of Nepalis without food or shelter await entrance at the Karnali borderhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/thousands-of-nepalis-without-food-or-shelter-await-entrance-at-the-karnali-borderMigrants arriving from India are massed at the border without basic amenities as the provincial government has sought to test them all for Covid-19 before letting them in. Samata Foundation demands justice for Rukum (West) victimshttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/samata-foundation-demands-justice-for-rukum-west-victimsThree youths have died in the district in an incident of caste-based discrimination.Single women and disabled people decry government’s decision to cut their social security allowancehttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/single-women-and-disabled-people-decry-government-s-decision-to-cut-their-social-security-allowanceRights activists demand the government to withdraw its ‘irresponsible’ decision, which could put thousands of vulnerable people at risk of extreme poverty.International Finance Corporation to wait for right market condition to issue Nepali currency bonds in offshore marketshttps://kathmandupost.com/money/2020/05/26/international-finance-corporation-to-wait-for-right-market-condition-to-issue-nepali-currency-bonds-in-offshore-marketsLast year, the government had approved the corporation’s proposal of issuing bonds worth $20 million.With 90 new cases, Nepal records highest single day Covid-19 surge; national tally jumps to 772https://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/with-90-new-cases-nepal-records-highest-single-day-covid-19-surge-national-tally-jumps-to-772The virus has now spread to 46 districts, according to the Health Ministry.ADB approves $250 million support for Nepal's Covid-19 responsehttps://kathmandupost.com/money/2020/05/26/adb-approves-250-million-support-for-nepal-s-covid-19-responseThe Covid-19 Active Response and Expenditure Support (CARES) Program is funded through the Covid-19 pandemic response option (CPRO) under ADB’s Countercyclical Support Facility.A local unit in Tanahun employs locals hit hardest by lockdown in development workshttps://kathmandupost.com/gandaki-province/2020/05/26/a-local-unit-in-tanahun-employs-locals-hit-hardest-by-lockdown-in-development-worksBandipur Rural Municipality deems it more sustainable to provide job opportunities to the locals than providing relief packages.Migrant force who returned to villages from India dwell on staying backhttps://kathmandupost.com/province-no-5/2020/05/26/migrant-force-who-returned-to-villages-from-india-dwell-on-staying-backMost choose to work in their own fields or development projects in the villages and seek employment opportunities from the local government.Government hopes to create nearly 150,000 jobs in agriculture sectorhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/government-hopes-to-create-nearly-150-00-jobs-in-agriculture-sectorThe government has been counting heavily on the agriculture sector to provide jobs to domestic and migrant workers, who are likely to return home in the tens of thousands.National Human Rights Commission tells government not to run away from its constitutional and legal obligationshttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/national-human-rights-commission-tells-government-not-to-run-away-from-its-constitutional-and-legal-obligationsOnly 11 percent of the commission’s recommendations have been fully implemented since 2000, human rights watchdog says as it marks its 20th anniversary.Prime Minister Oli calls an all-party meeting to discuss constitution amendment, Covid-19https://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/prime-minister-oli-calls-an-all-party-meeting-to-discuss-constitution-amendment-covid-19This is the second all-party meeting Oli has called in the last two weeks.Government forms team to investigate the death of three youths in Rukum Westhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/government-forms-team-to-investigate-the-death-of-three-youths-in-rukum-westLawmakers have demanded a parliamentary probe committee to study discriminations against Dalits throughout the country.One more body recovered from the Bheri River on Mondayhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/one-more-body-recovered-from-the-bheri-river-on-mondayThe third victim was among the 18 who had accompanied Nabaraj BK to Soti in Rukum (West). The deceased Nabaraj was killed in his pursuit of a girl whose family deemed him ‘untouchable’. Recruiting agencies want their guarantee amount back as their business is affected due to Covid-19https://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/recruiting-agencies-want-their-guarantee-amount-back-as-their-business-is-affected-due-to-covid-19Government could provide some concessions depending on the status of recruiting agencies but also need to make such agencies responsible towards plights of migrant workers, experts say. Successive governments have failed to ensure state’s presence in border towns and villages, a report by national rights body sayshttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/successive-governments-have-failed-to-ensure-state-s-presence-in-border-towns-and-villages-a-report-by-national-rights-body-says The four-year long study has also pointed out the lack of basic services like schools and health facilities in border areas and harassment faced by locals at the hands of Indian border security force.Serious human rights violations against Dalits reported during lockdownhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/serious-human-rights-violations-against-dalits-reported-during-lockdownParliamentary committee orders the government to book culprits.Health Ministry insists Nepal has still not entered ‘community transmission’ stagehttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/health-ministry-insists-nepal-has-still-not-entered-community-transmission-stageSuch a claim from the ministry comes when people without travel history have been infected with the coronavirus.Paddy plantation season is here but there isn’t enough fertiliserhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/26/paddy-plantation-season-is-here-but-there-isn-t-enough-fertiliserNepal does not have adequate stocks of chemical fertiliser, with imports stuck at Kolkata for the last two months due to the lockdown.In address to nation, Oli repeats misinformation and provides no concrete planshttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/25/in-address-to-nation-oli-repeats-misinformation-and-provides-no-concrete-plansIn his third address in two months, the prime minister commended his government’s efforts to combat Covid-19, but provided little of substance even as cases continue to rise.A day in the Lockdown–from morning to eveninghttps://kathmandupost.com/visual-stories/2020/05/25/a-day-in-the-lockdown-from-morning-to-eveningPost photographer Beeju Maharjan brings you images of a day in the lockdown from 5am to 7pm.Construction work at Mid-Tamor project goes on despite lockdownhttps://kathmandupost.com/money/2020/05/25/construction-work-at-mid-tamor-project-goes-on-despite-lockdownThe 73 megawatt hydropower plant in Taplejung is slated to be completed next year.In this world of woke, where do Nepali celebrities stand?https://kathmandupost.com/art-culture/2020/05/25/in-this-world-of-woke-where-do-nepali-celebrities-standNepali celebrities are speaking up on political and social issues more than ever before, but their views come at a price--of being bullied, threatened, even slut-shamed.Poor border security arrangement fails to control cross-border movement in Moranghttps://kathmandupost.com/province-no-1/2020/05/25/poor-border-security-arrangement-fails-to-control-cross-border-movement-in-morangThe entry of people through proxy border points still continues risking the spread of coronavirus.Nepal reports fourth Covid-19-related deathhttps://kathmandupost.com/health/2020/05/25/nepal-reports-fourth-covid-19-related-deathThe presence of the coronavirus has been confirmed in a 70-year-old man from Bara who died on May 17.Dirty mophttps://kathmandupost.com/editorial/2020/05/25/dirty-mopWhile changing the laws governing the CIAA is a good thing, the current amendment under discussion falls below par.Return to the dialogue tablehttps://kathmandupost.com/columns/2020/05/25/return-to-the-dialogue-tableWhen governments fail to address contemporary problems, they resort to provocative nationalistic demagogy.Modi’s performance and the tragedy of India’s poorhttps://kathmandupost.com/columns/2020/05/25/modi-s-performance-and-the-tragedy-of-india-s-poorThe problem is that the best policies would have been much more politically difficult than putting on a show of bravery.Nepal's Covid-19 tally reaches 682 with seven new cases and one deathhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/25/with-72-new-cases-nepal-s-covid-19-tally-reaches-675Swab samples of a 70-year-old man from Bara who died on May 17 came positive for coronavirus.Nepali Congress-formed economic task force suggests smaller budget amid Covid-19 crisishttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/25/nepali-congress-formed-economic-task-force-suggests-smaller-budget-amid-covid-19-crisisThe committee also suggested a number of measures to rescue the economy marred by the Covid-19 pandemic.Janata Samajbadi Party reiterates demand for constitutional amendment to incorporate concerns of Madhesi communityhttps://kathmandupost.com/politics/2020/05/25/janata-samajbadi-party-reiterates-demand-for-constitutional-amendment-to-incorporate-concerns-of-madhesi-communityAs the government prepares to revise the constitution to legitimise new map, Samajbadi leaders tell the Business Advisory Committee of Parliament that it’s also an ‘opportune’ moment to address their concerns.With patients testing positive for Covid-19, more hospitals could close down completely https://kathmandupost.com/health/2020/05/25/with-patients-testing-positive-for-covid-19-more-hospitals-could-close-down-completelyIf hospitals close down, more patients will be deprived of medical services and the country’s health infrastructure will come under more stress, doctors warn.Corruption in private sector needs probe but so does corruption in political parties, say expertshttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/25/corruption-in-private-sector-needs-probe-but-so-does-corruption-in-political-parties-say-expertsAn amendment to the anti-corruption law seeks to widen the jurisdiction of the CIAA to include the private sector but political parties also need scrutiny.The politics of distractionhttps://kathmandupost.com/editorial/2020/05/25/the-politics-of-distractionWhile Nepal’s release of a new political map was important, the discourse must move back to Covid-19 management.Indian officials’ snub to envoy Acharya in New Delhi does not bode well for talkshttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/25/indian-officials-snub-to-envoy-acharya-in-new-delhi-does-not-bode-well-for-talksNilamber Acharya has been trying to speak to senior bureaucrats in the Indian capital to discuss holding talks regarding the boundary dispute but has had no luck so far.Bodies of two Dalit men recovered from Bheri Riverhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/25/bodies-of-two-dalit-men-recovered-from-bheri-riverA Dalit man went to marry a girl from ‘upper-caste’ but her family and villagers chased them into the river.Ganga Karki died for want of a ventilatorhttps://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/05/24/ganga-karki-died-for-want-of-a-ventilatorKarki, who had been airlifted to Kathmandu due to postpartum complications, died after being unable to gain admittance at a hospital with a ventilator. 5 South Indian movies we recommend you watchhttps://kathmandupost.com/movie-review/2020/05/25/5-south-indian-movies-we-recommend-you-watchThere is more to South Indian movies than just the action they're famous for. Grocery store sealed for selling fertiliser illegallyhttps://kathmandupost.com/money/2020/05/25/grocery-store-sealed-for-selling-fertiliser-illegallyThe shop owner was charging Rs 2,000 for a sack of fertiliser which normally costs Rs 785.Narainapur declared ‘prohibited area’ as chaos and misinformation continueshttps://kathmandupost.com/province-no-5/2020/05/24/narainapur-declared-prohibited-area-as-chaos-and-misinformation-continuesIn the Banke rural municipality, as many as 13 infected went into hiding after they tested positive for the coronavirus. The reasons are manifold, including rumours, fake news and illiteracy.How fitness centres are responding to the Covid-19 crisishttps://kathmandupost.com/art-culture/2020/05/25/how-fitness-centres-are-responding-to-the-covid-19-crisisNepal’s fitness industry is dealing with an unprecedented crisis as thousands of gyms across the country have remained closed for more than two months.