Kathamndu post RSShttps://kathmandupost.com/The Kathmandu Post : Find the latest breaking news from Nepal, opinion and analysis on Nepali politics, business, culture and arts, sports, movies, food and travel, books, education, auto and more at kathmandupost.comJhapa’s tea plantation farmers face the brunt of lockdownhttps://kathmandupost.com/5/2020/03/31/jhapa-s-tea-plantation-farmers-face-the-brunt-of-lockdownMechinagar municipality has asked the tea estate administration to provide food supplies to the workers; the tea estate itself hasn’t said anything about it yet.Nepal and India agree to take care of and feed each other’s citizens stranded on the border. Crossings to remain closedhttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/31/nepal-and-india-agree-to-take-care-of-and-feed-each-other-s-citizens-stranded-on-the-border-crossings-to-remain-closedDecision was taken at the highest level from both sides and then communicated to local authorities.Bagmati provincial government to add Rs 400 million in Covid-19 control fundhttps://kathmandupost.com/7/2020/03/31/bagmati-provincial-government-to-add-rs-400-million-in-covid-19-control-fundA Cabinet meeting held on Monday decided to increase the budget from Rs 100 million to Rs 500 million.Police arrest landlord for evicting a staff nurse from her rented house in Danghttps://kathmandupost.com/9/2020/03/31/police-arrest-landlord-for-evicting-a-staff-nurse-from-her-rented-house-in-dangFollowing the incident, the District Administration Office has issued a notice asking homeowners to refrain from such discriminatory activities towards health professionals.Local units in various districts extend support to daily wage earnershttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/31/local-units-in-various-districts-extend-support-to-daily-wage-earnersFood supplies are being distributed by the local units among the impoverished population to see them through the lockdown.Supreme Court orders government to make arrangements for treatment of Covid-19 at private medical facilitieshttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/31/supreme-court-orders-government-to-make-arrangements-for-treatment-of-covid-19-at-private-medical-facilitiesThe ruling comes amid reports of private hospitals and medical facilities refusing to treat patients showing symptoms similar to Covid-19.Chaos ensues in Lamjung as scuffle break out between hydro project officials and localshttps://kathmandupost.com/8/2020/03/31/chaos-ensues-in-lamjung-as-scuffle-break-out-between-hydro-project-officials-and-localsThe locals vandalised the project’s vehicles for defying the lockdown on Monday. Lalitpur orders shops selling essentials to display price listhttps://kathmandupost.com/12/2020/03/31/lalitpur-orders-shops-selling-essentials-to-display-price-listCity officials say they came up with the rule after consumers complained that vendors were overcharging citing shortages.Visit Nepal 2020 called off, finallyhttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/31/visit-nepal-2020-called-off-finallyThe national campaign that aimed to draw 2 million foreign visitors this year was, however, going downhill from the very beginning.Trapped at the borderhttps://kathmandupost.com/17/2020/03/31/trapped-at-the-borderThe Nepalis being barred from entering the country from the Nepal-India border are already in dire circumstances—they must be allowed to return home.Meet the torchbearers for transgender rights in Nepal https://kathmandupost.com/20/2020/03/31/meet-the-torchbearers-for-transgender-rights-in-nepalOn the occasion of Transgender Day of Visibility, the Post celebrates some influential transgender individuals.Relief package may not be enough if Covid-19 crisis worsens, say businessmen and expertshttps://kathmandupost.com/29/2020/03/31/relief-package-may-not-be-enough-if-covid-19-crisis-worsens-say-businessmen-and-expertsEconomists question the government’s decision to ask landlords to provide a month's rent exemption to informal sector workers, who live in small houses that are not usually registered for rental tax.Around 400 Nepalis stranded at Sunauli border point stage a sit-inhttps://kathmandupost.com/9/2020/03/31/around-400-nepalis-stranded-at-sunauli-border-point-stage-a-sit-inThe Nepalis reached Sunauli border point from various parts of India three days ago and are waiting to be allowed in.Nepal Airlines permitted to fly to Brisbane to repatriate Australian citizenshttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/31/nepal-airlines-permitted-to-fly-to-brisbane-to-repatriate-australian-citizensA Qatar Airways flight chartered by US embassy takes 300 American citizens back home.With lockdown extended, Nepal Idol, Himalaya Roadies and other Nepali serials have no new shows https://kathmandupost.com/38/2020/03/31/with-lockdown-extended-nepali-serials-have-no-new-shows-for-viewersSome series—like Nepal Idol and Himalaya Roadies—will face serious delays because, just like the rest of the country, the production teams are staying home.Hunger looms as the economy stopshttps://kathmandupost.com/18/2020/03/31/hunger-looms-as-the-economy-stopsThe government needs to act to neutralise the threats to food and nutrition security from the lockdown.Why what does not kill us makes us panichttps://kathmandupost.com/18/2020/03/31/why-what-does-not-kill-us-makes-us-panicWe must learn to live with uncertainty, rather than allowing ourselves to be held captive by it.Virus fears drive Kathmandu residents towards cashless payment methodshttps://kathmandupost.com/29/2020/03/31/virus-fears-drive-kathmandu-residents-towards-cashless-payment-methodsAround 1 million Nepalis are using digital wallet services, according to service providers.Rikikur: The Sherpa potato pancakehttps://kathmandupost.com/55/2020/03/31/rikikur-the-sherpa-potato-pancakeIt's traditionally eaten at breakfast, but it's good for all times--especially now, with everyone locked inside. U.S. coronavirus death toll rises past 3,000 on deadliest dayhttps://kathmandupost.com/35/2020/03/31/u-s-coronavirus-death-toll-rises-past-3-000-on-deadliest-dayThe United States has the most confirmed cases in the world, a number that is likely to soar when tests for the virus become more widespread.Migrants’ rights groups call on government to repatriate and protect the workers stranded overseashttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/31/migrants-rights-groups-call-on-government-to-repatriate-and-protect-the-workers-stranded-overseasThey have also urged the government to introduce a relief package to support the families of migrant workers affected by the pandemic.Private hospitals not taking fever patients, forcing people to seek treatment at state-run health facilitieshttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/30/private-hospitals-not-taking-fever-patients-forcing-people-to-seek-treatment-at-state-run-health-facilitiesThe government is considering seeking clarification from the hospitals turning down patients, Health Ministry spokesperson says.Supreme Court orders government to ensure vulnerable people’s right to foodhttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/30/supreme-court-orders-government-to-ensure-vulnerable-people-s-right-to-foodThe court asks government authorities to apprise it of what they are doing for food security.Cricketer players’ association calls off annual awards ceremony, to contribute prize money to Covid-19 fundhttps://kathmandupost.com/31/2020/03/30/cricketer-players-association-calls-of-annual-awards-ceremony-to-contribute-prize-money-to-covid-19-fundIt is essential to stand united in the fight against Covid-19, say cricketers as they pledge to contribute Rs 462,000 to the Covid-19 fund.District administrations in Gandaki Province adopt measures to crack down on those defying lockdownhttps://kathmandupost.com/8/2020/03/30/district-administration-in-gandaki-province-adopt-measures-to-crack-down-on-those-defying-lockdownPeople in various districts of the province are defying the lockdown using proxy measures.Nepalis are swimming across the Mahakali to get homehttps://kathmandupost.com/11/2020/03/30/nepalis-are-swimming-across-the-mahakali-to-get-homeAround 500 Nepali migrant workers are currently stuck at the border with India in Darchula because of the ongoing lockdown, and they're desperate to get back.Ghorahi to close all grocery shops from Monday eveninghttps://kathmandupost.com/9/2020/03/30/ghorahi-to-close-all-grocery-shops-from-monday-eveningDaily essentials will be home delivered to the locals during the lockdown period, say local authorities.Volunteers come to the rescue of macaques and birds at Pashupatinathhttps://kathmandupost.com/34/2020/03/30/volunteers-come-to-the-rescue-of-macaques-and-birds-at-pashupatinathIn an initiative by the Pashupati Area Development Trust, locals feed monkeys and pigeons on the temple premises.Taking care of the poor is the state's responsibilityhttps://kathmandupost.com/17/2020/03/30/taking-care-of-the-poor-is-the-state-s-responsibilityEnsuring food supply during the time of the lockdown would have done much to palliate the pain.Supermarkets roll out delivery service for valley residents confined to their homeshttps://kathmandupost.com/29/2020/03/30/supermarkets-roll-out-delivery-service-for-valley-residents-confined-to-their-homesState-owned Food Management and Trading Company is also readying to start home delivery of groceries, officials say.Bagmati provincial government announces support to fight against Covid-19https://kathmandupost.com/7/2020/03/30/bagmati-provincial-government-announces-support-to-fight-against-covid-19Isolation, quarantine facilities set up in various districts of the province in preparation for a possible coronavirus outbreak.A playlist for the pandemichttps://kathmandupost.com/20/2020/03/30/a-playlist-for-the-pandemicFifteen songs to help tide you over the lockdown--from the sensible and good-humoured to the irreverent and black-hearted.Global problems require global solutionshttps://kathmandupost.com/18/2020/03/30/global-problems-require-global-solutionsNarrow nationalism will not protect us from global crises. But will we learn from the current pandemic?China may gain a surprising advantage from this pandemichttps://kathmandupost.com/18/2020/03/30/china-may-gain-a-surprising-advantage-from-this-pandemicAlready known as the ‘factory of the world’, the powerhouse may yet be aided by the Covid-19 pandemic to adopt a larger role in the global arena.Covid-19: Weakest linkshttps://kathmandupost.com/18/2020/03/30/covid-19-weakest-linksJust as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so the failure of a single country to contain Covid-19 heightens the global risk.As Covid-19 fears grow, some medical personnel face eviction from their homeshttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/30/as-covid-19-fears-grow-some-medical-personnel-face-eviction-from-their-homesReports of medical personnel being forced to work without adequate protection have only aggravated discriminatory behaviour from landlords, say doctors.Authorities face a hard time when it comes to contact tracing those who travelled with four Covid-19 patients https://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/30/authorities-face-a-hard-time-when-it-comes-to-contact-tracing-those-who-travelled-with-four-covid-19-patientsOf the 458 passengers who shared flights with four persons from Qatar, Sharjah and Delhi, 302 are still out contact.When everyone is at homehttps://kathmandupost.com/51/2020/03/30/when-everyone-is-at-homeSome quiet, ordinary days and the mundanity of routine in the time of Covid-19.Construction company leaves workers high and dry at Gaudahttps://kathmandupost.com/8/2020/03/30/construction-company-leaves-workers-high-and-dry-at-gaudaAround 1,100 workers stranded for the past one week at various construction sites of Kaligandaki corridor road construction projects struggling to make their way home.These are the relief packages introduced by the government following extension of lockdown for another weekhttps://kathmandupost.com/2/2020/03/30/these-are-the-relief-packages-introduced-by-the-government-following-extension-of-lockdown-for-another-weekLockdown has been extended until April 7 midnight to stem the spread of Covid-19.